stummfilm:dj “The Mark of Zorro“ (silent movie with live DJ)

Silent Movie, USA 1920, Director: Fred Niblo, with: Douglas Fairbanks, Marguerite des la Motte, 85 minutes, english intertitles, rated for 12+ years. With DJs Jan Lankisch and Benedikt Henkel.

The mother of all Zorro movies: Douglas Fairbanks shines as a rapier-swinging avenger of the oppressed. At daytime he is a lazy dandy, but a night he puts on his mask to fight against injustice as "Zorro". His adored one doesn't care for him at daytime, but at night she craves for the daredevil swordsman ...

A milestone of film history, that is brought to the Urban Media Festival as a stummfilm:dj event, a silent movie with live DJ music.

The DJs Jan Lankisch (Tomlab) and Benedikt Henkel will interprete this silent movie with new old music from psychedelic pop and Brazilian music to obscure vinyl to soul. After the movie, the party continues with analog live visuals by jfc movie expert Joachim Steinigeweg, created with various 16mm projectors.

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Saturday, 2010-08-14 - 10:00 to

jfc Medienzentrum
Hansaring 84-86, 50670 Köln, GERMANY