SEE YOUth - Dorfpunks

Teens in the country between no-future-feelings and bourgeoism – Fliegevogel, Sid, Flo, Piekmeier and Günni want to be "punks" an start a band.

Summer 1984: Punk has finally arrived at the sleepy small town Schmalenstedt at the baltic sea: Malte, now calling himself Roddy Dangerblood, is living at his parents house passing an unloved apprenticeship. The real life is elsewhere, at the punk-clique with his friends, where by they are revolting against inner emptiness. Everyone is hanging arround with beer at the campfire in the wood hideout, dancing pogo in the village disco, dreaming of girls and music. The friends start a band, the rehearshes are more complicated than they tought, the name of the band is nearly changing every day and the first gig at the talent competition is a disaster. But Roddy is curious about the world, and he still doesn´t know, that in this summer 1984 he will make his first steps into freedom...

The script is based on the novel of Rocko Schamoni.
The script-author Norbert Eberlein will be at the presentation on Tuesday, 11/24/09. The director Lars Jessen will be presend on Sunday, 11/29/09, 11.30 am.
Tuesday, 11/24/09, 10 am, Cinema Metropolis, Ebertplatz 19, 50668 Köln, phone: 722436
Tuesday, 11/24/09, 17 pm, Filmhaus Kino with english subtitles, Maybachstr. 111, 50670 Köln, phone: 22271022
Sunday, 11/29/09, 11.30 am, Filmhaus Kino with english subtitles, Maybachstr. 111, 50670 Köln, phone: 22271022

Germany 2009, Director: Lars Jessen, with: Cecil von Renner, Ole Fischer, Pit Bukowski, 93 Min., FSK: 12 years

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Tuesday, 2009-11-24 - 17:00 to

Filmhaus Kino
Maybachstr. 111, 50670 Köln

Teenagers 3€, groups with more than 10 praticipants 2,50€, adults 4€; festival-praticipants (free access)