SEE YOUth - I know you know

Jamie is on a secret mission with his father - but the funny agent-game developing to a family tragedy .
Attention please: The Movie is shown the original english version.

" I've got everything under control!" Jamies father Charlie is the smartest of all secret-agents. He is always on the run: Who is tracing them? Who is intercepting their telephone? Who will snatch them? Charlie needs Jamie to perform the "secret mission". Gradually Jamie recognizes, that his fahter really needs help, though not for the "secret mission", but in his life.
This exciting and fascinating film about the relation between reality, paranoia and the need of help is based on a real story: It's the story of the father of director Kerrigan.
Attention please: The Movie is shown the original english version.
Monday, 11/23/09, 11 am, Cinenova, engl. version, Herbrandstr. 11, 50825 Köln, phone: 9541720
Thursday, 11/26/09, 19 pm, Filmhaus Kino, engl. version, Maybachstr. 111, 50670 Köln, phone: 22271022

Iknow you know
Greatbritain/ Germany 2008, Direction: Justin Kerrigan, with: Robert Carlyle, Arron Fuller, 81 Min., english original version, best before 13 years

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Thursday, 2009-11-26 - 19:00 to

Filmhaus Kino
Maybachstr. 111, 50670 Köln

teenagers 3€, groups with more than 10 praticipants 2,50€, adults 4€; festival-praticipants (free access)