SEE YOUth - Love, Peace & Beatbox

Chirping, jarring, rustling, plopping - the documentary film gives an exciting insight in a less known form of music, the berlinian beat-box-szene and the fight to win the beatbox-competition.

There is no sound, that a beatbox-freak can not make with his mouth. Beatboxing is, apart from rap, DJing, Breakdance and graffiti, the fifth element of hip-hop. Like many other big towns, a very ambivalent scene has developed, to which the most popular band of the republic, 4xsamples, belongs to. The film documentating the beatboxers at their shows , in the studio and at the rehearsals für the beatbox-competition, which is the Mekka of all beatboxers since 2003.
On saturday, 11/28/09 the beatboxer Bee Low, the protagonist in the film and the organizer of the beatbox-worldcompetition, comes to give an interview and a live-action.
Friday, 11/27/09, 9 am, Filmhaus Kino
Saturday, 11/28/09, 19.45 am, Filmhaus Kino

Love, Peace & Beatbox
Documentary film 2007, Direction: Volker Meyer-Dabisch, with: Mando, Wetlipz, Chlorophil, Bee Low, Zeero, DJ Mesia, 70 min., best before 12 years

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Saturday, 2009-11-28 - 19:45 to

Filmhaus Kino
Maybachstr. 111, 50670 Köln

teenagers 3€, groups with more than 10 praticipants 2,50€, adults 4€; festival-praticipants (free access)