SEE YOUth - Westside Kanaken

They get their livelihood by "selling" or "security-things". The documentary-film plunging in the macho-world of the "Kanaken" of the districts Grembach, CHorweiler and Ossendorf.

The "Westside Kanaken" are turkish rapper out of Cologne, which are very proud of being faced as "Gangsta Rappers". Eyeryone of them has a long list of previous conviction, which increases their "street-credibility". The well-known documentary-filmer Peter Schran filmed the everyday-life of the young men for one year. They are producing their own music-videos and dream of a career as rap-stars. In the lyrics - which are often about women and crime - they are presenting an unknown parallel-world, which is characterized by a code of honour out of the established social order.
After the presentations, there will be the director, Peter Schran, and a protagonist, the videomaker Malic Bargiel, for a discussion.
Thursday, 11/26/09, 11 am, Filmhaus Kino
Friday, 11/27/09, 17 am, Filmhaus Kino

Westside Kanaken
Documentary-film Germany 2008, Direction: Peter Schran, 87. min., best before 14 years

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Friday, 2009-11-27 - 19:00 to

Filmhaus Kino
Maybachstr. 111, 50670 Köln

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